BlogSafe LoginSafe is currrently in development.

First of all you have to realize that just about every single captcha service or method has been bypassed. And it’s likely that this one is or will be no different. Sooner or later someone will find a way to programmatically defeat either the images or the text questions or both.

So why another captcha? Two reasons:

  1. The more methods you can put between you and those trying to brute force their way into a WordPress site, the safer your site is. Adding one more captcha to the collection that already exists on this planet adds another layer of code that would be hackers will have to add to their algorithms.
  2. LoginSafe is different in that it’s two plugins: a client and a server. Unlike most simple captcha programs, all of the processing is contained within one physical website. With a client/server approach, the captcha client contacts a server and retrieves the captcha images and text questions. This allows the server operator to either whitelist or blacklist incoming captcha requests.

While LoginSafe will work just fine with both the client and the server plugin on the same site, it’s primarily designed for WordPress designers and developers who run or maintain multiple websites. The clients can be easily pointed to a specific LoginSafe server. By backlisting an IP address on a LoginSafe Server, all clients that point to that server will also blacklist that IP address.

We also plan on including a method for white-labeling the client. This gives site designers who maintain sites for clients yet another way to both promote their business and show those customers their commitment to site security.

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