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Why BlogSafe Scanner Exists

According to an article in Forbes back in 2012, some 30,000 websites were hacked daily. Since then, that number has almost certainly increased. The reasons for hacking into a website can be as relatively benign as trying to improve the ranking of another website or they can be as devastating as completely defacing your site, stealing your data or turning it into scam site. There are dozens of reasons why even simple websites get hacked into and none of those reasons are good.

Can hacking be prevented?

On an almost daily basis, new vulnerabilities are discovered in WordPress themes, plugins and the official WordPress releases. While a proactive approach to website security is a GREAT idea, it would be impossible for any web security company to create software that prevents all of those threats. To make matters even more difficult, the WordPress core, themes and plugins are becoming more complex by the day.

“The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.”

– James Doohan – Mr. Scott – Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

And even without back-door vulnerabilities there are ways to walk in the front door. One of our honey-pots had over 96,000 attempts to brute force the admin password in one year. And this honey-pot was about as obscure and unimportant as websites get. There were a LOT more attempts to break in than actual visitors.

Where does BlogSafe Scanner fit in?

BlogSafe scanner makes the assumption that you WILL get hacked. For the vast majority of hackers, a normally functioning WordPress site is useless. They’ll need to make changes. They’ll need to upload files and/or modify existing files in order to turn your site into something they consider useful.

BlogSafe Scanner is designed to be a light-weight and efficient file scanner which will help you quickly locate those new and modified files so that you can take appropriate action.